Hello world!


Have entered the bold new world of mobile blogging. 20 or so months till our planned departure I find myself playing with my new toy whilst on the toilet. I think long spells on the toilet are a man thing but nowadays the newspaper has been usurped by my new iPhone. Anyway this is a fairly abstract first post on my blog which will be my diary in the build up and hopefully the actual travelling of my wifes and my round the world trip. We’re very close to the point in our lives when we want to settle down and have kids. We’ve spent plenty of time with them over this Christmas Nd it seems they aren’t as scary as we thought. However before we start making mini’s we decided there was an awful lot we wanted to see and do beforehand. Actually we originally wanted to go to see the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011, but from that this giant project/adventure has evolved. I will go into our current plans on a more detailed post later on, as I’m getting a cold bum right now. We hope that our bloggings here will help others in a similar situation and likewise, people will offer their advice as they read. For now, have a happy new year.


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